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Bus Driver Beats Student With Broom Handle [Video]

Wait! Before you jump to conclusions…The 14-year-old student admits that she started the fight but said that does not excuse a full-grown woman from attacking a child. The Indianapolis bus-ride beat down is under investigation and the driver has been suspended.

A middle school student got the shaft when her bus driver beat her with a broom handle.

Autumn Bonilla, 14, claims she almost blacked out when Charlotte McDaniel, 41, allegedly took the broom to her face and broke her nose on the Indianapolis school bus — but admits to starting the ruckus. “I completely 100% admit that I started it. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you. I did start it. But that (doesn’t) give a grown woman a reason to put her hands on me at all,” Autumn told WXIN.

The teen says she swore at McDaniel while she attempted to discipline another student which turned into an argument about Bonilla’s cellphone use. “She told me I had to put my phone away, and I told her I wasn’t putting anything away,” she said.

Indianapolis Public School superintendent Lewis Ferebee told WXIN the district does not approve of how McDaniel handled the situation.

“Very concerned and want to assure our community that driver or any driver that exhibits those behaviors will not be allowed to transport our students,” he said. Molly Heart, a spokeswoman for McDaniel’s employer Durham School Services, told the Daily News that the investigation is ongoing.

McDaniel, who has been placed on leave pending the investigation, could not be reached for comment.

What are your thoughts on this? Is the bus driver in the wrong??


Source: NY Daily News