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Teen Honor Student & Athlete Returns to School After 7Week Suspension Due To Tweet [Video]

Apparently things you post on these social networks can have a drastic effect on things that matter! Seventeen year old High School student Reid Sagehorn didn’t get that memo…According to NY Daily News Sagehorn got suspended over a tweet regarding him “making out” with teacher.

An honor student and star athlete at a Minneapolis high school was suspended for seven weeks after he jokingly tweeted that he “made out” with a teacher.
And now the 17-year-old, Reid Sagehorn, will have to continue his senior year at another school.
Trouble began for the teen — captain of the Rogers High School football and basketball teams — when he answered a post on an unofficial forum that asked him if he’d ever “made out” with a 28-year-old teacher. “Actually, yes,” read the two-word response Sagehorn posted to his Twitter account.

Sagehorn, a National Honor Society member with a 3.8 grade-point average, told the Star-Tribune that he planned to apologize to the teacher the next day — but she didn’t show up for work.

“I thought everybody would take it as a joke,” he told the newspaper on Saturday. The next thing he remembers is being called down the principal’s office and suspended. “I think it’s definitely important that everybody who has heard about the story know how sincerely sorry I am,” he told the paper. “No matter how I meant it, (it) doesn’t matter. … Sarcasm doesn’t belong on the Internet.”

Last week, police said they were investigating whether the teen could be hit with a felony charge of defamation — but concluded that no crime was committed.
Attorneys representing the teen said police and school overreacted to the teen’s comments.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Sagehorn deserved such a punishment?


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Source: NY Daily News