Posted February 25, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

NBA Thinking About Expanding Court And Creating 4 Point Shot.

According to ESPN.com, the President of basketball operations Rod Thorn and and Vice President Kiki Vandeweghe confirmed in an interview that there have been talks of expanding the dimensions of the NBA courts.

“Making the court bigger — it’s an interesting idea and we’ve actually looked at it,” Vandeweghe said. “We keep a list of ideas on what we should do and how we can make the game better, of course. But arenas are obviously built in a certain way and that would take a lot of adjusting to actually make the court bigger. But does it mean we shouldn’t look at it? No, of course not. We’re looking at all sorts of things.”

The 94 by 50 foot NBA court have not been adjusted since the 40’s. The three point shot was implemented in the NBA in the 80’s taken from the former ABA.

Both Vandeweghe and Thorn have said that these are just preliminary ideas and that they are not official plans.