Posted February 25, 2014 by Unique in News

Michelle Obama ‘Lets Move’ Campaign Help’s Drop Obesity Rate For Young Kids Down 43% [Details]

In a new study published Tuesday researchers saw a sharp decrease in the obesity rates of 2- to 5-year-olds — from 13.9% to 8.4%. According to CNN the study findings were announced the same day Michelle Obama proposed new rules to limit the types of foods and beverages that can be advertised in schools.

The move is part of the first lady’s ongoing efforts to combat childhood obesity in America. Four years ago the first lady announced that she would be combating child obesity with a new initiative called Let’s Move!

Lets Move! is a part parental education, part government reform comprehensive program with several objectives under its broader ambition of “solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation”.

With a bit of celebrity encouragement thrown in the first wanted to increase physical activity and improve nutrition in schools, overhaul nutrition labels to make healthy choices easier for families, decrease the number of calories in restaurant meals and eliminate food deserts in cities across America.

The campaign also offers guidelines for childcare providers: one to two hours of physical activity a day; limited screen time; more fruits and vegetables at meals served family-style when possible; no fried foods and no sugary drinks.

Way to take charge FLOTUS!!!

Check out the full story over on CNN.