Posted February 25, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mother First Interview, Claims Beyonce Has Never Met Her Brother!

The saga continues with Mathew Knowles and Alexsandra Wright, the mother of his lovechild. Alexsandra has revealed herself for the first on a televised interview with “Inside Edition” to get help from Mathew.

She revealed that Knowles has not spent time with his son Nixon Alexander Knowles including his sister Beyonce. She also confirmed that she had an 18 month affair with him while he was married with Tina Knowles.
Wright never wanted to go public however Mathew chose to make their situation public.

“I tried everything to not have it public. But unfortunately, that’s just not the way that Mathew chose to deal with this.”

Wright even went on to say that Mathew insisted she give their son to Beyonce and Jay Z before Blue Ivy was born, so they can raise him as their own. Due Mathew’s negligence Wright and her son are now on food stamps to support her son.


Watch the interview below: