Posted February 24, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

WTF! Guy Set On Suing Eddie Murphy For $50 Million ‘The Name Murphy Isn’t Exclusive To Eddie Murphy’ [Details]

Out off all the crazy lawsuits involving celebrities this year this has to be the craziest. A vexed comedian who goes by the name Brando Murphy is hell-bent on proving that famed comedian/actor Eddie Murphy does not own the name Murphy. According to Brando,

The name Murphy is of Irish decent … and not exclusive to Eddie Murphy, a ‘Black Man’ of African Ancestry and a purported African American.

The craziest part is Brando is also claiming that Eddie is determined to destroy his [Brando] career, the reason for this crazy $50 million defamation lawsuit. Brando who looks a little like Eddie claims:

 [i] did not create [myself] and that the way [I] looks is an act of GOD,

and states he’s never tried to pass himself as Eddie’s son (even thought he appeared in the stage act, Sons of Comedy, which also featured Richard Pryor’s son).

What does Eddie think about all this? Well his lawyer, Marty Singer, told TMZ

This is an absolutely ridiculous lawsuit, and we are confident it will be immediately dismissed by the court.

Just pure craziness.