Posted February 24, 2014 by BlueMagic in Music

In Honor of Signing 5 Years Ago, J Cole Top 5 Underrated Songs [Audio]

J Cole signed with Jay-z Roc Nation five years ago today as the first Signee. A lot of people was wondering who was this St John Graduate that Hova had this much faith in. Not everybody know the story behind how he got signed with Jay-z but he has told it a few times. Here’s a quick glimpse of how he got put on:

Before Born Sinner stardom, J Cole dropped numerous mixtapes such as The Come Up, The Warm Up, and Friday Night Lights which all had bangers and music to bop to. The only thing was, some of these songs weren’t really “Radio Hits” per say. Still it helped him grow a fan base who was thrilled to hear he got signed to Roc Nation as the first artist. Five years later J Cole has been nominated for many awards and won a lot of them. He has also now recently officially started his own label, Dreamville Records, which has created a lot buzz so he’s on the right path. This post is to shed some light on J Cole underrated “Come Up” by sharing his top 5 urrated songs. It’s hard to choose from so many dope mixtapes but this is our attempt.