Posted February 24, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

14 Year Old Quarterback Verbally Commits to LSU. [Video]

In today’s age of sports it is never to early to recruit young talent.

According to ESPN.com 14 year old Quarterback Zadock Dinkelmann has verbally committed to Louisiana State University aka LSU after being offered a full scholarship on Friday.

Dinkelmann is in the eighth grade and has yet to attend high school or play a snap of varsity football. He can not sign his letter of intent until Feb. 7th 2018, until then technically he is free to back out this commitment at any time.

Offering scholarships to players this young is not usually the norm for a couple reasons. One to offer a kid a scholarship before he hits puberty is a complete shot in the dark, you never know how a player that young is going to grow/develop physically. Two how do you expect a kid to keep a promise to go to your school for four years?

With that being said this kid is very impressive. Standing tall at 6′ 4″ weighing 200 pounds and also has a cannon attached to him shoulders. Check out one his throws in the video below


Either way Dinklmann’s parents are very proud and rightfully so.

LSU is a top program, and Zadock has liked LSU for a long time,” Johan Dinkelmann said. “What kid at his age with dreams and aspirations wouldn’t commit to a program like that? It’s a tremendous opportunity. It was an opportunity that we, as his parents, wouldn’t let him pass up if that’s what he wanted.”

Surprisingly Dinkelmann is not the youngest player to ever commit to a college program. David Sills who is also a quarterback got offered a scholarship by USC at the tender age of 13 in 2010.

Dinkelmann will play for Somerset High school in Texas, he will be coached by his grandfather Sonny Detmer who is a coaching legend in Texas.

What do you think, should players be offered scholarships at such a young age? Leave a comment and let us know how you feel.