Posted February 23, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Greg Oden to Start vs Bulls with Lebron Out.

It is no secret that the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat hate each other, but their is another level to tonights game that will make it very interesting.

With Lebron James for with a broken nose, Greg Oden will get the start tonight for Miami. The interesting part is that Oden has not started a game since 2009!

The Heat acquired Oden over the summer signing him to a one year contract at veteran minimum. Oden was brought in to help counteract the size of the Bulls and the Indiana Pacers.

He has played a few games this season but nothing substatial other than a couple of dunks.

Oden was the number one pick in the 2007 draft (over Kevin Durant), but he has not had the career that he has hoped for. In fact most think of him as a bust, not because of he cant play but because he never gets to play because he is always hurt.

The 26 year old center has the knees (and face) of 56 year old after multiple surgeries.

This game will be a big test for Oden to prove that he can help the Heat win a third straight title.