Posted February 22, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Rondo Says Trade Rumors are “Annoying”.

Boston Celtic’s Point Guard Rondo is not very fond of answering trade talk questions.

According to ESPN.com,

“It gets annoying at times,” he said. “It’s been like that the last eight years, though. It’s what I do for a living. It’s not who I am. I play basketball for a living, for the time being. I’ll be 28 [Saturday]. I have a long life to live. I have a lot of things going on outside of basketball for me right now and it’s part of what happens when you’re an NBA player.”

Throughout this whole ordeal Rondo maintained the same mindset and remained focused on his game.

My mindset hasn’t changed from when I came back from playing and it hasn’t changed now,” Rondo said. “It didn’t change in the Phoenix game because I was in a lot of trade talk. I still had one focus — to play as hard as I can for this team and to help my teammates try to win games.”

Now that the trade deadline has passed the next step for Rondo is free agency in June, which will be just as hectic for him.

Source: ESPN