Posted February 21, 2014 by Rocko Rathon in Entertainment News

Nicki Minaj Being Sued For $30 Million

Nicki Minaj has been in the news quite a bit recently. From releasing her new single Lookin Ass N*ggas, to being under scrutiny of the cover art for said song, the news ranges from positive to negative.

Now Nicki is being taken to court by her former stylist Terrence Davidson for a whopping $30 Million (Yikes!). Davidson claims that he invented the now signature Nicki Minaj look we’ve all come to know and love, with the colorful outfits, wigs and such. He expounds by saying he created her image with “fresh, hip and unique wigs”, as well as stating that Nicki Minaj took his ideas and concepts and did not credit him nor compensate him monetarily.

Davidson also alleges that Minaj talked him out of doing a multi million dollar deal for a reality television show on the grounds that it would harm their working relationship. The two parted years in 2013 and at the time Davidson said..

“It has been an amazing experience offering me a chance to express my creativity and exhibit my love for the art form of wig design,”


A little under a year later, Davidson has changed his tune and wants the YMCMB rapper to pay up for allegedly “taking his idea” and costing him millions from a possible television deal.

Now, I don’t know many television stations that would give any non celeb more than 6 figures for a reality show, let alone millions. But we shall see how this story develops, as it doesn’t look like it will be out of the headlines anytime soon.