Posted February 20, 2014 by BlueMagic in News

Security Guard Fired for Leaving Semen in Co-Worker Shoe [Photo]

The Director of Saftey over at Concordia University was fired after a female co-worker told police that he masturbated in her office. The Director, Timothy Margis, has been charged with misdemeanor public indecency and disorderly conduct. Here’s what Chicago Tribune had to say:

A female employee reported seeing Margis exiting her office while buttoning his pants and fastening his belt two days earlier, according to a police report. After he left, she discovered semen in one of her shoes, O’Shea said.

Upon questioning, Margis admitted to the lewd act, O’Shea said. Margis and the woman were never romantically involved, O’Shea said.

The university suspended Margis upon learning of the incident and fired him the next morning, Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing Eric Matanyi said.

Thats crazy homie was on another level. If one of your co-workers pulled this move, what would you do? Leave your comments below.