Posted February 20, 2014 by Unique in News

Michelle Obama Hit’s New York City New Museum [Photo]

As Michelle Obama celebrates her fourth anniversary of “Let’s Move” the FLOTUS makes a quick trip to a New York City museum today for her Drink up campaign.

The street-art-inspired exhibit at New Yorks New Museum is a collaboration with bottled-water WAT-AAH brand that delivers an eye-catching health-conscious message.

After singing the massive piece of art the First Lady chatted with eight-graders who helped paint the painting telling them that their involvement in the campaign would make “a huge, huge impact on the health of our nation.”

The FLOTUS  is slated to appear on the “Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” later tonight.

 Check out the art work and her visit to the museum this morning in the gallery above.

[images NY Daily News/ New York Post]