Posted February 18, 2014 by Unique in Lifestyle

5 Lazy Natural Hair Habits That Cause Breakage

Every week there seems to be some new rule for Naturalista’s [not sure if that’s a real word] to follow when it comes to hair care. Especially the newbie’s who have not yet perfected the perfect daily regimen to keep their curly kinks in tip top shape. But don’t worry this isn’t one of them post so catch your breath. Between school, work, taking care of the house hold and I guess sex [according to the That’s Enuff boy’s] it’s easy to develop a few “lazy” haircare habits.

So get rid  of that “Lazy Bug” and stop cutting corners to prevent yourself from developing these five bad hair care habits:

1. Set It & Forget It Syndrome

If you decide to go the full coverage route [i.e. wigs and weaves for protective styles] PLEASE  make time to take care of your natural hair underneath. Some of naturals become so concerned with the hair on the outside that we forget about the hair underneath until their hair becomes  hair becomes dry, brittle, and breaks from neglect. Or better yet (well not really)  dirt, sweat and other moisture can become trapped under wigs and weaves and have your scalp smelling like death.  Yeah can you say NO NO.

2. Shoddy Wash Jobs

While it is important to remove buildup from your hair, getting the buildup off of your scalp is equally as important. Clarifying your hair and scalp regularly is especially important; so as to not suffocate the follicles. How one accomplishes both without totally stripping your hair is totally up to them and their  hair!

3. Skimming on the Conditioner

When some people co-wash their hair they don’t see the point in the condition part after. Not to say that’s right or wrong, by any means whatever works for you works for you. However if you moisturize and seal after your co-washes and you are still having trouble retaining moisture, this could be your culprit.

*side note If regular conditioning isn’t doing it for you, kick it up a notch to deep conditioning or add your favorite oils to your current product and see what happens*

4. Half-Hearted Detangling

This is like a major DUH!! but some people still need to hear it. If you’re going to detangle your hair, do it right. Be thorough. If you use a wide tooth comb, make sure that comb is able to get through all sections of your hair. If you finger detangle, be especially meticulous. DO NOT do a rush job because you’re tired or don’t have enough time. Unless your down with cutting knots and chunks of un-detangleable hair off of your hair.

5. Not Covering Hair at Night

We’re all guilty of this at least once. I mean after a long day or drunk night you can’t really control when  you pass out.  It just happens and by the time you realize  its morning. An we all know the dangers of sleeping on cotton pillowcases with our hair unprotected. So if prone to passing out some nights without warning it’s about that time you invest in your satin pillowcase.

[via Black Girl Long Hair]