Posted February 17, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

HILARIOUS! Regina Hall Recalls Sex Scenes With Kevin Hart! [Video]

About Last Night’s leading lady Regina Hall stopped by the Aresnio Hall to talk about her new movie. However, the conversation took a different turn when she went into details about her sex scene with Kevin Hart! She shared that although she a ton of sex scenes with the Kevin, it was not bad at all.

Kevin’s girlfriend Eniko Parish was there to witness it all. Regina joked:

You know it’s ummm, it was the first day of shooting so we had the sex scenes. But I know Kevin. You know so his girlfriend was there, which I don’t know if that makes it more or less awkward but she’s really sweet, but you know you’re naked. I mean not naked, you have the little covers and the little pasties. [Laughs], if someone wants to blow on them. But you know it’s ummm, we were comfortable. I mean you know, as comfortable as you can be. ‘Cuz Kevin’s like, a brother.

During the shoot, she said Kevin referred to her breast as ‘sandbags’ She said:

Well, I’ve done that too….And you know, it’s always a little awkward ‘cuz you don’t have your clothes on. Kevin called my breast sandbags. He said, ‘Somebody give Regina something to cover up her little sandbags.’ No, they’re fine. They’re petite so they don’t have low to go. You know what I mean?


Check out the clip below:

In other news… “About Last Night” peaks at #2 With $30 million. Congrats to the cast!!