Posted February 16, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Bravo Cancels Phaedra Parks’ Spinoff Show Due To Apollo’s Fraud Arrests!

Apollo’s arrest is hurting Phaedra’s checks!

According to sources the Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s star is due to star in a spin off later this year called Rich People’s Problems. Her husband’s arrest for bank fraud and identity theft has put her show in jeopardy .

The show was suppose to focus on Phaedra’s career as an attorney in the Atlanta area. The sassy attorney represented Bobby Brown during his 2004 trial for assaulting his then wife Whitney Houston. Also other rap stars as well.

A source at Bravo, who produces the Real Housewives series, said the series could be placed on hold while TV chiefs wait to see the outcome of what happens to her husband. “All options are being looked at,” said an executive with Bravo TV.

Here is a description of the show below:

“When the rich and famous of Atlanta have a dispute, they know that only one lawyer will deliver some cold, hard justice: Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Whether it’s friends battling over an $8,000 loan or accusations of stolen Chanel handbags or confusion over a prenuptial agreement and whether it entitles you to two or three live-in staff members, the rich certainly have an odd sense of what qualifies it as a problem in today’s world, and Phaedra will be there to help them sort it all out.”

Damn we hope everything works out! Hey… she can even pick up some side gigs as a mortician.