Posted February 15, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Dennis Rodman Checks Himself out of Rehab, Says he is Not an Alcoholic. [Details]

Former NBA great Dennis Rodman has checked himself out of Rehab claiming that he did not go to rehab for an alcohol problem but to get away and escape his North Korean based stress.

According to ESPN.com,


“I needed to decompress from all the things I was going through,” Rodman said Friday by phone from Miami. “I was trying to get this game going and get everything going in North Korea. “It was a lot.”

“I don’t need to drink,” he said. “I don’t need to do anything. I went to rehab just to sort things out. That’s it.”


All these troubles started when Rodman decided to play an international basketball game in North Korea for  Kim Jong-un’s birthday, the ruthless dictator of North Korea.
After the game Rodman was confronted on CNN where he had one of his most epic meltdowns which led to him checking into rehab.

Rodman plans to return to North Korea saying that his actions where unfortunate but the game itself was “historic” and the media only focused on him instead of focusing on “basketball diplomacy”.

“They’re not watching the other players, they’re not watching how they interacted with the players, they’re watching what I’m doing,” he said. “It’s not about them. It became about me. It was about basketball players going over there for a game. That was the whole purpose. But they took it and spun it all around. Wait a minute, don’t ruin this.

“They tried to ruin this.”

According to ESPN.com Rodman plans on returning to rehab every six months to “see where I’m at”.