Posted February 14, 2014 by Unique in Media

Mya Talks New EP, Pretending To Be Married, Black Hair Tips, Working With Jay & More [Details]

R&B star Mya released a four song, independent EP titled With Love earlier today in honor of Valentine’s Day. Online lifestyle magazine Page31 spoke with the Grammy Award winning singer about the concept of her new EP, the evolution of her sound, pretending to be married to scare off men (i.e Bobby Valentino at the 2013 BET Awards), her fondest memories of her and Jay Z‘s smash hit Best Of Me Remix and the best Valentine’s Day gift she’s ever received or given.

In addition Mya spoke about sculpting her body and how black girls can stay fit without compromising their beauty and damaging their hair.

On her new EP With Love:

You know, I didn’t go into the studio saying I’m going to make a V-Day EP. I stay in the studio. I have a studio in LA and DC and I travel with a studio (laughs), so I’m always creating all kinds of stuff of all different genres and on every track there is musicianship and live music. There’s really nothing that I’m chasing other than putting people in the mood. That’s what music should be: an experience. That’s why I chose these particular songs around Valentine’s Day.

On black women’s hair challenges working out:

You know I have been guilty of that, I’m going to tell you that (laughs). I don’t even get my hair done when I’m trying to get my body together unless I absolutely have to be somewhere. Hair is very costly, and if your getting it done for $2,000 or $200 and you just left the salon and it has to be presentable all week at work, I understand that. Sweating can change the texture, sweating can mess up the cut and presentation, I get it cosmetically. But if I need to get some work in, I wrap that in a bun real quick. It’s a little different for me because when it’s time for me to get dressed, it’s time for me to get dressed. Hopefully they’ll be an invention that comes out that can preserve a hair style while you workout hard core but another thing is that you don’t even have to break a sweat to get some strength training in. Working out in 15 minute increments throughout the day can totally tone your body without having to run and break a sweat. So there are a lot of new work outs that I’m looking forward to sharing with girls through the Notorious.IM app.

On creating her hit track  “Best of Me” with Jay Z:

We actually weren’t in the studio [together] when that record was made, so there wasn’t much interaction. Doing the video was nice; it was in Malibu on a beautiful day. It was really simple. It was like the first video I showed up to do with no rehearsal, which was really cool to me. I was like, ‘there’s no rehearsal? How is this going to work out?’ But it was very simple, memorable and beautiful and I got to work with one of my favorite directors still in Hype Williams.

Check out her full interview with Editor-In-Chief Gregory Calvaire over on Page31.