Posted February 14, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Hilarious!! Bruno Mars Pranks A Nurse On ‘Ellen’ [Video]

Please check out this video!

Singer Bruno Mars stopped by the The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Ellen decided to have a little fun by getting Bruno to prank an unsuspecting nurse and Bruno agreed. Ellen told the audience right before the nurse entered Bruno’s dressing room:

So Bruno Mars is in his dressing room right now waiting for a nurse that we have. We have hidden cameras in his dressing room, he has an ear piece and he has to say whatever I tell him to say. Bruno when she comes in, first thing, say ‘Thanks for coming and do you mind taking off your shoes?

Mars tells and asks Deborah the nurse a number of ridiculous things like:

“Why do Pringles come in a tennis can?”
“How many throats have you looked at?”
“I haven’t swallowed since the Super Bowl.”
“It’s also hurts when I go [makes chicken noise].

And that’s all before he started to cry! All in all, the nurse handle it very well and was very empathetic!

Watch the video below: