Posted February 13, 2014 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

The $50, 000 Lawsuit Over The OVO Owl Is “Bogus” According To Drake [Details]

So everyone knows the OVO owl that YMCMB’s Drizzy Drake has been sporting as his logo for sometime now, like since 2011 when he dropped Take Care.Well around the time Drake geared up to drop his latest album, Nothing Was The Same, the Worst Behavior rapper was hit with what he calls the most “bogus” lawsuit by jeweler Baden Baden Inc.

Owned By designer Michael Raphael the company filed a suit clamming that Drake had hired the company to make a custom diamond-studded platinum owl back in January 2012, in which he paid $49,204 for.

Now this whole copyrighting owl issue arouse when gold “duplicates” of the pendant started surfacing on Drake instagram around the necks of his entourage. Baden Baden felt that these new golden Owls were a form of copyright infringement and along with the unspecified damages they were demanding they also wanted the court to force Drake to hand over the “owl copies”.

Now according to Drake he feels as if he has become victim of some type of pyramid. Oh the story gets better. In his legal documents he basically states that the jeweler doesn’t own the design but if they want to get technical “the pharaohs do”.

The well known OVO owl is in fact a 5,000-year-old ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that sands for the letter “M”. For that reason the design can’t be classified as copyrighting or original in that matter so the whole Jeweler’s case is “bogus“.

Honestly that reason isn’t what even makes the whole case a bogus. If Baden Baden where the original designers for this owl pendent design then why didn’t they file a suite on drake for using the design as his logo for his new record label?

Any who if anybody needs to be filing a lawsuit over this owl it should be the mummified corpse of the Egyptians on display at the museums.