Posted February 13, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Richie Incognito Exposes Johnathan Martin on Twitter. [Photos]

Richie Incognito who has been in one of the most publicized bulling cases ever went to twitter yesterday to air out his “victim” Johnathan Martin.

Last Year Martin who was a team mate of Incognito on the Miami Dolphins left the team due to the bullying and hazing within the organization. Martin even came forward with a voice mail that Incognito left calling Martin the N-word and threatening to kill his family.

Incognito said that they where playing around and him and Martin where very close friends.

A few months later text messages between the two where released by Incognito’s lawyer showing that him and Martin did have a friendly relationship, making people question Martin’s stance in this entire situation.

Yesterday Incognito went to twitter to release his anger towards Martin and his camp.

Richie Incognito tweet

Then Ingonito revealed that at one point Martin was suicidal and confided in him for suport.


Incognito tweeted his frustrations about the whole ordeal for an hour. He also apologized to women for the vulgarity within the textes that he released.