Posted February 13, 2014 by Unique in Media

Angie Martinez Exclusive Unreleased Tupac Interview Clip [Video]

Today Hot 97‘s very own Angie Martinez launched her brand new website The Angie Review.  In preparation for the launch Sway drop by the Hot 97 office to partake in a exclusive interview for The Angie Review.

During the interview Angie revealed why she never released the raw version to her 1995 interview with 2Pac, which  is considered one of the biggest hip hop interviews of all time. Telling Sway

I have this two-hour 2pac interview and what I got was so crazy that at the time I couldn’t air it on the radio because I was literally afraid that somebody would die I literally thought that I would make a bad situation worst

Last year Angie told Complex Magazine in a interview that

The raw version of that has never come out, I still have it at my house, I’m waiting for the day where it feels appropriate and right, I don’t know if I could put it out for the world. Initially, at the time, I felt it was going to back a bad situation worse. He was angry, he was emotional at that time. Luckily before he passed, I was able to talk to him about it and why I didn’t air the whole thing. He was totally cool with it, he got it, he gave me a hug at the MTV Awards so it was cool, I feel okay with it.

Angie later told Sway that she most likely will be releasing the full unedited 2Pac interview as apart of her throwback Thursday interview segment  because it is a great part of hip hop history. Check out a clip of Angie’s interview with Pac where the Hip Hop legend speaks on  women vs. b*tches.


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