Posted February 11, 2014 by Tabby T in News

Police Rescue 14 Yr Old Bronx Girl; Kept As Sex Slave In Queens, NY [Photo]

How disturbing!! A teen runaway has been rescued in Queens from captors who repeatedly beat her, pimped her out and raped her, cops said Monday. The Bronx girl, 14, was reported missing in September by her grandmother. The girl told cops a friend introduced her to three ex-cons who threatened to kill her if she refused to sell her body.

The alleged victim’s three-month ordeal finally ended when she managed to call 911 and her granny when the suspects weren’t looking, cops said. When police arrived at a house on 107th Ave. in Jamaica on Feb. 3, the victim bolted out the door, “upset and crying.”

Arrested were Lindsay (Touch) Archibald, 32, Stephen (Fresh) Garrison, 25, and Quanesha (Peaches) Hunte, 23, all of Queens.

The victim said Archibald, a member of the Crips gang, and Hunte beat her repeatedly.

“If you ever leave, I’ll find you and kill you,” Archibald threatened, according to court papers.

She was forced to have sex with numerous men at two houses in Jamaica, police said. She told cops that on at least two occasions, Archibald forced her to have sex with Garrison, also a Crip, “to test her out to see how well she was performing.”

Thank God she was rescued before matters could get any worse, although severe damage has already been done. (smh) We hope the best for the victim, & that justice is rightfully served.

Source: NY Daily News