Posted February 8, 2014 by KC Nwosu in VIDEO GAMES

Flappy Bird Creator Taking Down His App?

Dong Nguyen Tweet

The developer of the popular new mobile game “Flappy Bird” Dong Nguyen, tweeted today that he will be taking down the game. His tweet cited that he couldn’t take it anymore, “it” being a lot of accusations of fraud and patent infringement. The game has been buzzing for the past couple of days due to it’s extremely addictive nature coupled by equally extreme difficulty. Players simply navigate a bird through an obstacle course of pipes by tapping to flap its wings, not tapping will cause your bird to drop to the earth like a stone. One of the first complaints lodged against it was how it seemingly appeared at the top of the Apple and Android game stores out of nowhere which is a prime place for exposure. Rumors have been floating around the internet that some sort of hack was used in both markets to propel the title to the top of charts in order to spike sales. Another issue is the striking resemblance of the game’s pipes to those of the world famous Mario titles specifically Super Mario World on the SNES by Nintendo. Nguyen has maintained that the art is original and not ripped from that game’s assets which would be patent infringement.  Though I don’t believe any legal action has been brought against Nguyen the abuse from the internet seems to have moved him to drastic measures. Check his recent tweets on the matter below.


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