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Thoughts On The Zimmerman Boxing Match [Editorial]

*** This editorial is the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of DJ Enuff and the other writers on this website***

America the Beautiful.

A place where ANYONE can have a chance to live their dreams. A place where we are free to say whatever we want (within reason of course.) A place where a man who killed a teenager, (I mean “Stood His Ground” according to Florida law) can  apparently become an overnight celebrity.

Zimmerman has gotten way more than enough publicity over the course of the past few months since being found “not guilty” of second-degree murder this past July.

The amount of times he has found himself in the media sphere for just about every dumb and outrageous thing he has done in the past six or seven months has some how categorized him as a “celebrity.” Not just any kind of celebrity, a somewhat  “high-profiled celebrity”.

Nearly two years after he killed Trayvon Martin, and on what would be the young teenagers 19th year of life, he some how manages again to become the talk of the town. This time for a charity fight, that is being orchestrated by celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman.

There are undoubtedly a number of people that personal want to give or see Zimmerman get his ass handed to him, myself included. But the idea of it being done for charity in a “celebrity” boxing match is f***ing mind blowing.

The worst part of this is the seemingly direct disrespect for Martin’s family. The match is being given the category of “celebrity boxing” with no opponent picked and an open invite for ANY one to go one on one with this man. It wasn’t marketed as a open invitation for ANY celebrity, but instead for ANYONE (i.e. the local neighborhood crackhead could sign up) to put in a bid to fight. By doing this in my eye Damon Feldman categorized George Zimmerman as a “celebrity,” and is now trying to use that to make some money.

The big question though is how do you become a celebrity after killing a 17-year-old? This is something my brain just can’t comprehend. I could of sworn that classified one as a murderer in the court of public opinion. Even if he was found not guilty in the court room. None the less the sh*t is real and happening at some point, reportedly.

Now this not only is a terrible publicity stunt, but it mocks the value of  life in this country and shows what it takes to be an American celebrity. Honestly how is it that this 30-year-old-man who two years ago could not even “shoot a fair one” with a 17-year-old is now able to go round for round with ANYONE that steps into the ring with him.

TMZ broke the news, reporting that DMX would be the one to fight Zimmerman, but now the outlet has reports that George Zimmerman and DMX’s boxing match isn’t official just yet. The fight is dependent on funding, and no contract or paper work has been signed by either party.

The rep Domenick Nati tells us, DMX verbally agreed to “beat Zimmerman’s ass” … IF and when he sees the terms of a contract … which hasn’t happened yet. Once an agreement has been finalized, we’re told DMX will officially be down for the bout.

Honestly, this whole thing should have never been thought of and will not solve anything.  Anyone that considers stepping into a ring with this man “for charity” or whatever reason, should really  sit back and re-look at the bigger picture at hand. But I digress.

If you feel strongly against the potential boxing match, there is a petition available that you could sign. We want to know your opinions. Let us know in the comments below.

*** This editorial is the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of DJ Enuff and the other writers on this website***