Posted February 6, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Los Angeles Lakers Beat Cleveland Cavaliers…With Four Players? [Video]

The Los Angeles Lakers played the Cleveland Cavaliers last night in one of the most bizarre games in modern NBA history.

Lakers, obviously getting hit by some type of voodoo doll or bad karma, started the game with only eight players. Five starters, and three people off the bench.

Mind you, the team has lost seven in a row and is playing without Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant who are both injured.

So, here’s what happened soon after the game started.

Nick Young twists his knee, out for the game. Seven. Center Chris Kaman, fouls out early in the fourth quarter. Six. Point guard Jordan Farmer suffered from leg cramps. Five. Remember now, five people are on the court at a time. Center Robert Sacre who scored ten points in the game then recorded his sixth foul. Which in normal cases would mean he would be fouled out.

Instead he stayed in the game because everyone else was hurt. The Lakers were called for a technical foul for having this issue, every time Sacre committed a foul.

This is due to NBA‘s “no-forfeit policy, which allows players who foul out to remain in the game if a team is down to its last five players. The penalty: a technical foul, and subsequent technical fouls for every foul committed past six.”

It was so bad, that point guard Steve Nash, which hasn’t played a game in weeks showed up on the bench in full uniform with 3:32 left in the game.

Either way, the Lakers somehow ended up winning 119-108.

Check out the highlights below.