Posted February 5, 2014 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

‘Drumline’ To Have A TV Movie Sequel On VH1 [Details][Video]

“One band, One Sound,” ok so who doesn’t remember the 2002 college classic Drumline. The movie about a young drummer from New York who went to the fictional HBCU, Atlanta A&T University, and bumps heads with the leader of his school’s drum section. You know the movie that had everyone wanting to learn how to play the drums and go to a HBCU just to put on for the halftime show.

Well that movie is finally getting a sequel, twelve years later, and just like the Stomp The Yard sequel it will be a TV movie sequel.

Currently titled Drumline: A New Beat the second installation will focus on a female protagonist from Brooklyn, Dani Bolton, whom attends college in Louisiana and attempt to become the school’s first female section leader of the drumline.

As Nick Cannon, star of the original movie and the producer of the the upcoming sequel, tells The Hollywood Reporter that:

Even though it was released over a decade ago, I am constantly approached by people on the street who tell me how much of an impact it made on them. As a producer, my thought was, ‘How do we create an updated version that would translate to today’s audience and still feel fresh and original?’ Adding a female lead character really makes sense and VH1 is the perfect network to partner with on this modernized take on what is considered a unique and classic film experience.

Hmmm kind of interested in seeing how this movie plays out. Let us know your thoughts and check out the trailer from the original Drumline.


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