Posted February 4, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

Rihanna Gives Financial Help To The Family Of Slayed Fourteen Year Old [Photo]

The Navy isn’t just Rihanna’s fan base they’re also like her extended family. You can tell in  the amount of support they each give to one another. So when the pop princess caught news of this heartbreaking story involving one of her Navy members she jumped at the chance to help.

This past weekend in Aracaju, Brazil Marcos Freire Street was the location of a very horrific crime scene. Fourteen-year-old James Sobral, aka Thiago, his mother Vanessa, and his nine-year-old brother, Osvaldo, were all found murdered in their home. Thiago was described as being a Rihanna super fan following and studying  the pop stars career. So when local Brazilian Navy fans found out the tragic news they alerted Rihanna via Twitter.

They reported that Vanessa’s husband ,32 year old Marcos Andre Andrade Dos Santos, who worked fixing ventilators, allegedly  stabbed his wife and her two kids to death, in a drunken range. An also rapped Vanesse’s 13-year old niece.

Upon hearing the news Rihanna sent out a number of condolence tweets asking her 33.9 million followers to offer their support to the youngster’s grieving relatives.

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Thiago’s biological father, Eronilton Valenca, also sent out a message to the Pop star thanking her for the messages of protest and support in which she shared with fans via her instagram. *which you can find in the gallery*

The Navy has also reported that:

Rihanna got in touch with the family of Thiago through their representatives in Brazil to help financially.

Brazilian police are still reportedly looking for Marcos Andre Andrade Dos Santos.  Our prayers are with the family of Thiago.