Posted February 4, 2014 by BlueMagic in News

More Super Bowl Prostitution Caught During the Weekend Including Video Vixens? [Photo]

New York Daily News reports, another prostitution operation that was going on during Super Bowl weekend. A DC man, Ivan De Irish, was caught for pimping out hookers in Brooklyn for a Super Bowl Party on Black Starr Management page. What he didn’t know was that the person who was booking the “Talents” was an undercover agent. De Irish took the three women to the Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn by the names “Mia Bunny”, “Samantha Staxx” and “Fendi Red”.

You might recognize a couple of the girls from being around known rappers. De Irish made the deal with the agent for $8,000. Two of the girls admitted they was suppose to get $800 from the deal and De Irish allegedly admitted to paying the third girl $400. What was his reason for this line of work? He told feds he has $120,000 in student loans and currently unemployed. To read more on the story head over to NYDN.

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