Posted February 4, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

D.A. Petitions To Have Chris Brown Thrown In Jail Over D.C. Brawl

Chris Brown appeared in court February 3rd for a probation hearing. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles District Attorney requested that he be sent straight to prison.
The 24 year old was allegedly involved in the infamous D.C. brawl during Howard University’s homecoming weekend. The hearing was held by the same judge who presided over the 2009 Rihanna beating case.

“We’re asking for a remand,” the prosecutor argued. “The defendant has increasingly demonstrated his violent outbursts and they are increasing in severity and frequency. The reason that the people have not requested until this date to have the defendant remanded is because we have not had the evidence we could ethically move forward with.”

The prosecutor argues that the singer poses “an increasing danger to society.” However, Brown’s attorney pointed on that his client made significant improvement since entering rehab, in addition to other legal arguments. All in all, the prosecutor’s motion to have Chris remanded was denied. Chris is ordered to complete the remainder of his 90-day management rehab.

The “Love More” singer is due back to court February 28th.