Posted February 4, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

Cassie Puts Her Foot Down With Diddy! ‘I Need More!’

Rumors hit the blogs earlier this week, after Diddy placed a nice diamond ring on Cassie finger. Many automatically assumed that the two were supposedly engaged.

Well Cassie wants you know that she needs more and although the rock was impressive it is not enough to get her to walk down the aisle. She took to her Instagram page to express how she feels and to put the rumors to rest. She posted the photo below with the caption:

I need more, Like Wayyyyy more. Happy & In Love. Not Engaged


The post was later deleted.

We are not quite sure what she means about the post because it could be interpreted in different ways. She probably removed it because she didn’t want others to get the wrong impression. What do you guys think Cassie means, by wanting more?