Posted January 30, 2014 by Unique in News

The Apollo Theater Raises $10 Of Its $20 Million Goal For 80th Anniversary [Photo]

For 80 years the infamous Apollo Theater, located in Harlem at 253 West 125th Street, has had some the greatest talents grace its stage. Legendary talents like Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Billy Eckstine, Gladys Knight, The Pips, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan and Patti LaBelle all made their appearance here during their careers.

So in celebration of their 80th anniversary, the legendary theater will be developing new programming with the help of public crowdfunding. Already raising $10 million of its $20 million goal.

The Apollo Theater was built 1913-1914 as originally a whites-only establishment named the Hurtig & Seamon’s New Burlesque Theater. It became the Apollo in 1934, when it was opened to black patrons and designated as New York City Landmark in 1983.

The Apollo Theater is a not-for-profit organization that honors the influence of African American artists and advances emerging creative voices across cultural and artistic media.

The public is encourage to donate at the Apollo Theater Support Page.