Posted January 30, 2014 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

LADIES! Signs That Your Relationship Is Worth Saving….

Sometimes we wonder through it all if the relationship is worth saving or it’s best to walk away.

Now….. let’s not forget that all relationships have their ups and downs, however you should still be happy overall. So when you come across roadblocks in your relationship it is good to take a step back to observe and see if it is worth saving.

Here are some ways below to decide whether or not your relationship is worth saving:


Is this guy meeting your communication needs? Does he take hours to respond to a text message or call? If so then try to reach a compromise. If that doesn’t change then maybe you should rethink the relationship through.


The fighting is bound to happen when you are in a relationship. In fact studies have shown that fighting is healthy. HOWEVER, you do not want to be a relationship where the arguing and fighting becomes overwhelming. That right there is very unhealthy. If you are constantly fighting with your mate, try having a serious talk.


When was the last time you guys had some fun? The relationship is worth saving if the two of you enjoy each other’s company. There should be more good times than bad times in your relationship. Now, if you guys can’t stand each other, you might want to re-examine the reasons as to why you are still in that relationship.


In every relationship, women want to feel needed and wanted by their significant other. You want to feel valued and appreciated. Does he care about how you feel? Signs like that are proof that the relationship is worth saving. If he doesn’t care about what you have to say or invalidates all of your opinions, then you’ve got a big problem girl. NEXT!


If the two of your are crazy in love about each other, then chances are the both of you will want to save the relationship. If the feelings aren’t there then you can NOT force them. Once you admit to yourself that you are not in love with your mate, then it is time to hand your mate their walking papers.


It is very important that you are in a relationship with someone who supports you and loves you just the way you are. Does your partner make you want to be a better person? Are you truly comfortable being yourself around your partner? If you are with someone who wants to change you or makes you feel like that you are not good enough, that relationship is not worth saving.

Hopefully these tips helped clarify if your relationship is worth saving or not.

Ladies, we know when we have that last straw and when it’s been pulled. Yes I know that it’s difficult to say goodbye, but you know what? The right guy will come along and do the right things and more! NEVER SETTLE!