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GTFOH! Utah School Takes Away Elementry Kids Lunches Because Their Parents Owed Money

Like what the F*** type of s**** is this going on in Utah. Man according to Buzz Feed more than 40 elementary school kids had their lunches taken away because they owed money on their meal accounts. Lets break this down again. The Uintah Elementary students picked up their lunches Tuesday, then watched as their meals were taken and thrown away because of outstanding balances on their accounts. — a move that shocked and angered parents.

Oh yeah parents were pretty shocked and pissed. One parent, Erica Lukes, told the Salt Lake City Tribune that as far as she knew, she was up-to-date with her payments.

I think it’s despicable. These are young children that shouldn’t be punished or humiliated for something the parents obviously need to clear up […] There were lots of tears, and it was pretty upsetting for them.

Salt Lake City District spokesman, Jason Olsen, told the news outlet that the district’s child-nutrition department became aware that Uintah had a large number of students who owed money for lunches. As a result, the child-nutrition manager visited the school and decided to withhold lunches to deal with the issue. But because cafeteria workers weren’t able to see which children owed money until they had already received lunches they had to threw them away. Reason being, once food is served to one student it can’t be served to another.

Oh it gets better. Children whose lunches were taken were given milk and fruit instead. One 5th grader recounted the whole event to KSL TV.

As the the nutrition manager was checking each student’s account as they went through the lunch line she took my lunch away and said, ‘Go get a milk’. I came back and asked, ‘What’s going on?’ Then she handed me an orange. She said, ‘You don’t have any money in your account so you can’t get lunch.’

Olsen said school officials told the district that their staffers typically tell students about any balances as they go through the lunch line and send home notifications to parents each week. According to Erica Lukes she was not notified, and neither were other parents.

Even if they did try to send the word out, you still don’t do that to a child,” she said. “You don’t take a lunch out of their hands.

Jason Olsen also told press that the district attempted to contact parents with balances via phone Monday and Tuesday but weren’t able to reach them all before the child-nutrition manager decided to take away the students’ lunches.

They did take that tray away and gave them fruit and a milk. We don’t ever let kids go without any food entirely.

Olsen also said that they will review the notification system and that the district should have given the kids a grace period.

It probably could have, and should have, been handled in a different manner.

Yeah not the smartest ideas. Check out the news report below.

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