Posted January 29, 2014 by BlueMagic in Sports

WWE Superstar, CM Punk, Leaves Company Yesterday Confirmed [Photo]

With all the talks since the Royal Rumble of the misuse of Daniel Bryan these last few months have escalated. Monday Night, before Raw, CM Punk apparently had a talk with Vince McMahon and told “I’m going home.” which where he took a flight back to Chicago. There’s been a lot of speculations of CM Punk being unhappy with the current product.

Not directly his storyline but of the current hottest wrestler right now, Daniel Bryan. CM Punk was quoted during ComCon on saying “It’s Daniel Bryan year (Wrestlezone).” This past Sunday many fans and Legends took to twitter when Batista won the Royal Rumble to headline Wrestlemania XXX and Daniel Bryan not even be apart of the 30 man rumble. Allegedly, CM Punk issue is that for the third straight year, a blast from the past will be co-headlining the “Grand Daddy of them All” event.

The previous two years saw The Rock return for programs against John Cena. When asked about his gripe with Dave Batista he was quoted in saying him and Batista are actually good friends. But you can understand CM Punk frustrations. Everyone on that roster work they tales off all year round only to watch others headline the Superbowl of wrestling. There have been speculations that all this may be part of a storyline but current WWE Divas champion and real life CM Punk girlfriend crushes all those rumors with a tweet. Look in the gallery for that tweet. Now what will the WWE do with one of their best wrestlers fed up with their decisions?