Posted January 29, 2014 by Unique in News

Burrr!!! Atlanta Snow Storm Leaves Hundreds Stranded On The Highway

To us 1-3 inches of snow is simple child’s play but in the deep south its a whole different ball game. In Atlanta, GA todays “winter storm” paralyzed the whole metropolitan area. Things got so bad that Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency Tuesday afternoon for all 159 counties.

Now on a bright clear sunny sky blue day Atlanta rush hour is already hell on earth, so when you add snow to the formula what you get is something far more worst then hell. Commuters reported being stuck in their car on the high for 8+ hours during their commute back home. One driver, Candace Bazemore, even had enough free time while stuck in her car to email the Atlanta journal-Constitution her first hand account while on the scene.

I just finished listening to ‘The Hunger Games’ audible book, played all my lives on Candy Crush, met 10 people in various cars and watched the same policeman save four people

By late Tuesday night, the Georgia State Patrol had investigated 940 crashes resulting in one death and 104 injuries. With hundreds of vehicles still stranded on interstates and side streets throughout the metro area. So drivers got feed up with waiting in theirs they opted to walk all the way home.

But commuters weren’t the only ones greatly effected by tuesdays snow storm. Shortly before midnight, about 50 students were still stuck aboard Atlanta Public School buses. Some school buses couldn’t run routes and were forced to return to schools. Leaving teacher and students at some schools no choice but to spend the night in their classrooms.



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