Posted January 28, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Skittles Pays Seattle Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch To ‘Taste The Rainbow’ [Video]

Marshawn Lynch is finally getting paid to “taste the rainbow.”

According to ESPN, the popular candy is announcing a deal with the Seattle Seahawks running back that will allow for a special edition version to be released. Skittles will also donate $10,000 to Lynch’s charity the Fam First Foundation every touchdown he makes on this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The limited edition candy will be called “Seattle Mix” and will only have blue and green colors to celebrate the Seahawks.

This is the first time Skittles has had an athlete endorse him.

He talked to E:60 about his love for Skittles in October.

Every time he scores a touchdown the team showers Lynch with a Skittles shower.