Posted January 28, 2014 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

Should Macklemore Have Sent Kendrick That Text After The Grammys? [Photo]

Yesterday in their music section The New York Times wrote a very interesting article on Macklemore’s Grammy win and his “place in the Hip-Hop Ecosystem”. The beginning of the article started off with this analysis.

As a private act, this was a love letter, a way for an artist to honor a peer. As a public act — Macklemore posted an image of the text on his Instagram account, although it’s unclear whether it was with Mr. Lamar’s knowledge — it was a cleansing and an admission of guilt. Not only did Macklemore want to show respect to his fellow rapper, but he also wanted the world to know that he understands his place in the hip-hop ecosystem and that he is still careful where he steps.

The article left us with many questions. One being, should Macklemore have sent Kendrick a text “apologizing” for his Grammy win?

So we decided to take this question to our Instagram to see what our followers thought and well this is what you guys had to say. Check out the comments in the gallery above.