Posted January 27, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Funny

Oreo Cookies Get Into Some Twitter Trouble [Photo]

Who doesn’t love a good snack of cookie & milk. Especially if its Oreo cookies.

The company go a little excited trying to promote their new limited edition Oreo’s when according to the Daily Mail, they got a little overzealous and re-tweeted a person with a derogatory user name.


They immediately deleted the tweet but of course someone screen shot the tweet.

A spokesperson for Oreo put out a statement on the tweet.

“Last night, tied to an online brand promotion, we offered consumers the chance to be among the first to try our new U.S. limited-edition cookie flavors. As part of this, we utilized an auto-reply feature which acknowledged consumer tweets as they came in.”

Guess that guy is looking for a new job.

Take a look at the tweet in the gallery.