Posted January 27, 2014 by Luis Mercado in ThatsEnuff

Macklemore’s Text To Kendrick Lamar Revealed [Video] [Update]

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis left the Grammys last night with four grammys, including awards for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Albumboth leaving Kendrick Lamar without any hardware.

After the show, Macklemore decided to text the Compton rapper, telling him that he deserved to win an award for Best Rap album.

He revealed the text on Twitter and Instagram, in an act of class, and possibly to save himself some backlash as the hip hop community was outraged at the Academy’s decision.

Here’s what he said on his Instagram page.

My text to Kendrick after the show. He deserved best rap album… I’m honored and completely blown away to win anything much less 4 Grammys. But in that category, he should have won IMO. And that’s taking nothing away from The Heist. Just giving GKMC it’s proper respect.. With that being said, thank you to the fans. You’re the reason we were on that stage tonight. And to play Same Love on that platform was a career

Take a look at the text in the gallery.

He spoke to the Hot 97 Morning Show and elaborated on his text message, speaking on why he thought Kendrick Lamar deserved a Grammy and more.

I wonder how Kendrick Lamar responded. We do know how Jay Z welcomed Kendrick Lamar after the upset.

Take a look at Macklemore’s legendary performance last night, where he brought out Queen Latifah and Madonna.