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Exclusive Clips from ‘Robocop’ + Official Trailer [Video]

Set to be in theaters February 12th, 2014, the futuristic remake of RoboCop will feature Joel Kinnaman aka Alex Murphy who played in Safe House and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The action movie takes place in Detroit in the year 2028 and this time around Mr. Murphy sports a sleek, all black robotic suit and motorcycle. Murphy tries to balance his wife and son while trying to rid Detroit of the bad guys and handling his artificial intelligence.

Director Jose Padilha stated that “The original ‘RoboCop’ is a brilliant film… We didn’t try to redo the same ‘RoboCop’ because it was perfect the way it was.

And yes, Sammuel L. Jackson is yelling once again in yet another movie! Jackson will play the character of Pat Novak whom the director described as a mix between Rush Limbaugh and Rev. Al Sharpton.

Watch the clips from Robocop below:

[Source: www.collider.com]

Think the 2014 version can live up to the 1987 original of RoboCop?