Posted January 23, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Richard Sherman Reacts To People Calling Him A Thug [Video]

Richard Sherman held a press conference, three days after his historic rant after shortly after the NFC Championship win against the San Francisco 49ers.

He spoke on people perceiving him as a thug, while admitting it was sort of immature of him to react in the way he did during the interview.

During the press conference he elaborated on what hurt him most.

“The reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s an accepted way of calling somebody the N-word now,” he said. “It’s like everybody else said the N-word and then they say ‘thug’ and that’s fine. It kind of takes me aback and it’s kind of disappointing because they know.”

“What’s the definition of a thug? Really? Can a guy on a football field just talking to people [be a thug?] … There was a hockey game where they didn’t even play hockey! They just threw the puck aside and started fighting. I saw that and said, ‘Ah, man, I’m the thug? What’s going on here?” So I’m really disappointed in being called a thug.”

Sherman and 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree were mic’d up during the game. Listen to what led to Crabtree’s mush to the cornerback below.