Posted January 22, 2014 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

Wale Writes Open Letter to Fans Explaining His Twitter Hiatus [Photo]

October 26th 2013, that was the last time Wale tweeted until recently. The picture he chose to start his absence drew even more curiosity from his fans. It was a basic analogy of “Crabs in a bucket” mentality that is often married to the African-American culture. That every other culture can get along and work together but African Americans would rather hold each other back before seeing another succeed. It was a RT from one of his followers but the question stood out, “Do you agree?? or disagree??”. And with that RT, Wale disappeared from his Twitter until recently. His fans have been asking him about his absence and he hasn’t fully given an explanation….until now. Through his Tumblr, EveryBlueMoon.com, he pens an open letter explaining what brought his Twitter hiatus and disappointment of the Hip Hop culture that constantly criticize his choice of music. Check out the full open letter in the Gallery and make sure to leave us your thoughts.