Posted January 22, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

The ‘Bawse’ Buys ‘The Real Deal’s’ 109 Room House

Rick Ross has a brand new house!

The “Bawse” has purchased the former 45,000-square-foot home of former champion Evander Holyfield in Fayetteville County, Georgia.

“The Real Deal” had to sell the home to the bank for $7.5 million after facing foreclosure late last year.

According to Bleacher Report,

 The rapper’s new house has an indoor pool, a movie theater and a bowling alley. There are 12 bedrooms, and the dining room seats 100 people.

Of course, it’s not a cheap place to live with all of those awesome features. Holyfield reportedly told TheAtlanta Journal Constitution that the mansion cost him about $1 million per year to operate, and electricity bills came in at around $17,000.

Now with 109 rooms, people can have a party and you will never know it. Beautiful house for the Maybach Music Family.

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