Posted January 21, 2014 by BlueMagic in News

Popular Fraternity Looks at Being Expelled for Racist MLK Party [Photo]

The popular fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon also known as TKE are in trouble…again. This time over at Arizona State University after throwing a very controversial party. The predominantly white fraternity threw a house party on Martin Luther King birthday where people attended in baggy clothes, jerseys and watermelon cups in a way to mock the black community. To add insult to the matter, they used hashtags #BlackOutForMLK and #IHaveADream under their pictures on Instagram. Clearly a disrespect to a day in which we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr life. Of course this brought on Civil Rights Leaders threatening to boycott the University. Check out the full story AZ Central.

*Take a look at the pictures in the Gallery of their Instagram*