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Kanye Reveals New High Fashion Line During Paris Fashion Week [Photo]

The second times a charm, right? This past weekend Kanye took his second stab at the high fashion world with the debut of his latest collaboration with French Fashion Brand A.P.C.

Ye unveiled the menswear line in a intimate setting at A.P.C. headquarters on Rue Madam with a number of editors, athletes and high profiled guest in attendance.

Inspired by “paint color”, Ye showcased six different looks that incorporated military-inspired hooded coats, parachute pants, timberland-line boots, and a red & blue-blanket paired with denim shirt and trousers.

Before beginning the fifteen-minute presentation Kanye spoke on his vision for the line

Sometimes when you’re in a box you have to punch your way out of the box. You can’t always do it surgically. Everyone was giving me the best advice on how to surgically punch my way out of the box of being boxed into one form of creation. Which if you go to my show, it’s 30 forms of creation at a show. You know. One form of creation. And Jean has given me the opportunity to take his experience, his taste level. Even if we don’t agree on things sometimes–you know, his levels of restraint, or my levels of turn up. Or sometimes his levels of turn up! Sometimes he’ll make like, a leopard T-shirt and be like ‘we should do this leopard T-shirt!’ …I don’t know if I wanna be the black guy that did the leopard T-shirt. “
[Full transcribe on Forbes]

West also reportedly admitted to NY Mag’s “The Cut” that he had “a very bad education in fashion, I kind of learned it on Style.com

I wanted to go to Central Saint Martins, but Louise Goldin said that I was too famous. So I basically had to learn my clothes through Style.com, through like Scott [Schuman] The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton, and dudes shopping. And luckily, I was rich enough to make mistakes and learn by like just being a fashion victim—which I definitely have been a fashion victim—and to flip it from fashion victim to maybe a fashion icon, to actually a person who can give an opinion, and that’s what I’m in the process of doing. So I just want everyone to be patient with me as we go on this journey.

The collection is set to officially drop late summer/early fall. Check out photos from the presentation as well as the line in the gallery above.

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