Posted January 20, 2014 by BlueMagic in Sports

New York Knick Player Request Trade from Team

It comes to no surprise that players are trying to jump off an apparent sinking ship. The first player to ask for a trade? Beno Udrih. You can’t really blame the 3rd string point guard. With Paublo coming back from his injury and constant battle for minutes with Raymond Felton, Paublo Prigioni, and Tourè Murray, the point guard feels he no longer has a place with the team. This comes as no surprise ofcourse seeing how it looks like Mike Woodson continues to single him out and blame him for losts. The most notable blame game came when he passed JR the ball where Smith shot the ball at a untimely point of the game. Though JR acknowledge he made the error of taking the shot because he thought the team was down, Woodson still insisted Beno played part in that lost. It shouldn’t be hard to move the Beno seeing he has a 1.27 Mil contract that he’s half way through. Let’s see if the Knicks oblige to the request and if anyone else follows behind.