Posted January 17, 2014 by Luis Mercado in ThatsEnuff

Jim Jones Being Sued For Alleged Embezzlement Of Money

Jim Jones is in trouble again after investors claim he stole $200,000 from investors to use on his own music.

According to TMZ,

Jones was supposed to produce a movie called “Vampire Life III.”  He was also going to provide the soundtrack for the movie.

The investors plunked down $200,000 with high hopes … hopes that were dashed when Jones stopped returning their phone calls and emails.

The investors were PISSED when they learned … Jones allegedly used some of the money to make mix tapes that were supposed to go in the movie but Jones was releasing them independently.

The investors were doubly upset when they found out Jones allegedly used the rest of their seed money to produce and release a Vampire-Life clothing line that was supposed to be merchandising for the movie.

Bottom line — the investors feel like they were had — the movie with a cool soundtrack and clothing line was a fiction … the only thing that was real was Jones using their money to profit from the music and the threads.

The investors want $700K minimum.

Jones was last in trouble with the law in October of 2013 after getting caught in New York City for speeding and DWI.

On his Twitter, Jim Jones simply brushed off the controversy by saying “to the money” possibly speaking about the allegations against him.