Posted January 17, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Cleveland Browns Wide Reciever Devone Bess Arrested [Photo]

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Davone Bess allegedly been arrested at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida for assaulting an officer.

CBS Miami has the details below.

Bess, 28, was taken into custody by police at Fort Lauderdale International Airport around 6:19 a.m. Friday.

According to the arrest report, Bess was walking down the concourse acting, “irrationally, dancing, singing with his pants repeatedly falling down.”

The arrest report said Bess was asked by law enforcement if he was alright and gave no response. BSO said Bess then took a cup of coffee not belonging to him and squeezed the cup until the liquid poured over the officers uniform.

The arresting officer said Bess then took a fighting stance and the officer hit the football player with his ASP in the leg, but it had no effect.

The officer said Bess then took off his shirt, again took up a fighting stance, and refused repeated orders to get on the ground. Once back-up units arrived, Bess surrendered and was taken into custody.

The arrest report said Bess appeared to “be under the influence of an unknown narcotic due to his irrational behavior.”

“He appeared to be looking through me when I was talking to him,” the arresting officer wrote.”

Bess was charged with simple assault on an officer/firefighter/EMT, disorderly conduct, and resisting an officer-obstruction an officer without violence.

Just yesterday he tweeted a photo with alcohol, marijuana and a 5 hour energy.

He had 42 receptions for 362 yards and two touchdowns on the year. Browns released the wide receiver shortly after learning of the arrest.

Look at the tweet and the mugshot in the gallery above.