Posted January 16, 2014 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

JoJo Inks Deal With Atlantic Records

New Year and new beginnings is the perfect caption to caption JoJo’s life right now. The Massachusetts born singer, who first popped up on the scene at the age of 13 back in 2004 has just singed a new deal with Atlantic Records. Ending an exhaustive multi-year battle with her former label Blackground Music.

The LA Times reports:

Last summer, the battle with Blackground (once home to the late Aaliyah) went public after the singer filed a suit to be released from the label and its imprint Da Family Records.

In the suit, filed in New York State Supreme Court in July and obtained by The Times, the singer claimed that the labels had essentially been holding her hostage for the better part of seven years.

Among her complaints in the suit was that Blackground and Da Family failed to release her third album despite delivery and acceptance of recordings and that the labels neglected to pay producers and “other vendors” she collaborated with.

More important, she argued that because her deal with the labels was signed when she was a minor, laws in both New York and California stipulated that she could not be bound to the contract after a period of seven years.

After finally being free of her seven year relationship with Blackground, JoJo signed a new deal with Atlantic back in December. CONGRATS GIRL!!!

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